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    My Konica Minolta

    The Konica Minolta 2300 Desk Laser is one of the least expensive color laser printers distributed in the market today. Users are at awe with its superb performance and fine quality prints. However, the price of an OEM replacement toner cartridge can be quite hefty. Imagine having to shell out $90 every time the black toner cartridge (yield of 4,500 pages at 5% coverage) runs out of its toner supply. And kiss away your $500 if you to buy a 4-pack toner cartridge (black, yellow, magenta and cyan colors).

    Due to the expensive pricing of OEM toner cartridges, third party manufacturers have developed cheaper consumables that come at par with OEM toners in terms of performance and are practically safe to use. These alternatives are the compatible toner cartridges and toner refill kits.

    A compatible Konica Minolta 2300 toner cartridge (priced at $60) is the exact replica of its OEM counterpart in terms of design and features to become the perfect substitute to the OEM toner; only that it has been produced by third party manufacturers.

    A QMS 2300 toner refill kit on the other hand is used to refill an empty OEM cartridge at the much affordable price of $32.95. Just follow the directions detailed with the instructional material that comes bundled with the kit and in less than 10 minutes you should be printing smoothly again.

    It is very important though that the appropriate toner refill kit is purchased because laser printers of a particular make and model require a specific type of toner powder to perform its print jobs.

    Thus be very particular with its selection to ensure that its specification matches with that of the cartridge and laser printer before even proceeding to purchase it.

    Once the toner refill kit is available, make sure that the cartridge you are about to refill has been sucked clean of residues from the old toner. Then remove the plug by unscrewing the end plate. Be very careful not to harm the plug because doing so will result to leaks over the cartridge. Pour the contents of the toner bottle and screw on the plug back. Shake the cartridge back and forth for about 3 times to evenly distribute the toner powder and to ensure that there no leaks on the cartridge as well. Then reinstall the cartridge back to the printer and you should now be ready to print again.

    Cartridge refills must be conducted in areas with good lighting (not directly under the sun) and away from sudden breeze movement. Always wear the latex gloves provided with the kit to avoid staining your hands. And although the substances of the toner powder are nontoxic and will never cause allergic reactions, it is still best to avoid toner contact with the eyes and nose.

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